Why study with Languages on Fire?

A polyglot approach

How can people speak three, five, ten languages fluently? They use the time set aside for studying efficiently. They immerse into the particular language and begin talking to native speakers at an early stage. But first, they try to grasp the basics as quickly as possible, building up the fundamental grammar and vocabulary. This is what Languages on Fire is all about. We provide you the tools for efficient language learning so you can reach your goal of fluency as quickly as possible.


Don’t waste your precious time on playing childish vocabulary games. They only teach you what you already know. You can handle almost any everyday situation with just 500 words, so why not focus on those instead of starting with colors and animals? We work with word frequency lists when creating our courses. Languages on Fire teaches you what’s really important.

Communicate with native speakers

We firmly believe that you don’t need to study for two years until you’re able to communicate in your target language. Even two weeks might be enough. We design our courses in a way that enables you to express yourself in your target language as early as possible. After only a few hours, you’ll be able to travel without having to rely on English anymore. Impress native speakers with how well you speak their language.

Long-term success

Have you ever had the experience of learning a large vocabulary, only to forget 90 % of it a few weeks later? This won’t be an issue with Languages on Fire. All of our courses offer flashcard decks for Anki, the world’s most powerful vocabulary tool. Anki uses a sophisticated, spaced repetition algorithm which lets you only revise the words you really need to revise. Efficient vocabulary learning with Anki is the secret to many polyglots’ success.

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