10. Wie hat es dir gefallen?

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Grammatik: Perfekt (present perfect)

The standard way to express the past in German is using the “Perfekt”. It The standard way of expressing the past in German is using the “Perfekt”. Just like the English present perfect, it consists of two parts: the present verb form of haben according to the person, and the past participle. The past participle is formed by adding ge- to the beginning of the infinitive and -t or -en to the end. In some cases, certain letters change (denken -> gedacht).

Ich habe gesagt

Du hast gemacht

Er/Sie/Es hat gehabt

Wir haben gesprochen

Ihr habt gedacht

Sie haben getrunken

Keep in mind that, if there is an object, it is placed between the form of “haben” and the past participle.

Ich habe Englisch geübt.

Wir haben Spaß gehabt.

Other parts of the sentence can also be placed in between. But don’t worry too much about German word order for now. It will come naturally to you in due time.

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