13. Der Student fragt den kleinen Jungen

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Der Student fragt den kleinen Jungen (2) – Warst du schon einmal…?

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Der Student fragt den kleinen Jungen (3) – ein paar nützliche Adjektive

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Grammatik: Akkusativ (accusative case)

We use the accusative case to indicate a phrase’s direct object (the aim of the verb). Most accusative forms are the same as the standard nominative forms. Only some of the singular masculine forms differ. In the case of masculine nouns, the definite article changes from der to den and the indefinite article changes from ein to einen. And in certain cases, you also add -n or -en (der Junge -> den Jungen, ein Student -> einen Studenten). If there’s a masculine form of an adjective, you always add -en.

Some prepositions require the use of the accusative, e.g. ohne or in as a direction.

The accusative is also used in expressions like jeden Tag, den ganzen Tag, Guten Morgen!

Number of Anki cards: 39 (1. text: 12, 2. text: 11, 3. text: 16)

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Jeff · December 13, 2020 at 9:08 pm

Hi there! The recording for number 1 is the same as number 3. Thank you for the fantastic recordings! jz

    vrsoamyi · December 14, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Hi Jeff! Thank you for your comment. Mistake corrected. I’m glad you like our recordings!

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